Do Small Wind Systems kill birds?

No. Small Wind Systems do not kill birds. People who have not been around Wind Turbines, may have an image of thousands of dead birds laying underneath. This is a huge misconception. It's a fact that more birds are killed annually by picture windows, moving vehicles & domesticated cats.

What is Solar Energy?
There are 3 types of Solar Energy: Solar Thermal Hot Water, Solar Thermal Hot Air and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels. Solar Thermal converts the sun's rays to either Hot Water or Hot Air/Heat, while Solar PV converts the sun's rays to Electricity.
How will Solar PV Panels hold up in hail?

Solar PV Panels are very strong & can withstand hail up to 1" in diameter, and oftentimes larger. In the event that the hail was large enough to damage the Solar Panels, odds are that the property suffered significant damage as well & would all fall under the umbrella of your Home Owner's Insurance Policy.

Can I put a Wind Turbine on my house in town?
Yes & No.
Yes - We've worked with engineers to effectively design proper & safe installation of a Small Wind Turbine onto an existing structure; however, every City has different zoning and ordinances that must be considered.
Please contact your local Zoning Office with regards to whether Residential Turbines can be installed in your community. Cleaner Greener Energies has worked with numerous Cities in regards to writing ordinances for the implementation of renewable energy systems at an individual level. Call us for more information. 
Does South Dakota have enough sun to make Solar PV Panels a good option?

Most definitely, YES! We have enough sun to grow corn; therefore, we have enough sun to produce solar energy. South Dakota is ranked 14th in the Nation for Solar Power Potential. Also keep in mind that Solar PV Panels have a tendency to function better when they aren't super hot, so they operate very well in our cold winter climate.

How much maintenance is required for a Wind Turbine? For a Solar PV Panel?
Wind Turbines - Like any other mechanical object require some degree of maintenance. Direct drive Turbines, like an Xzeres, require a visual inspection and greasing 1x per year. Turbines with a gear box, like a Jacobs, require a visual inspection and an oil change 1x per year. We offer maintenance plans with every Turbine we sell.
Solar PV Panels - These require virtually no maintenance. Occasionally, they will need to have excessive snow removed.
How much energy does it take to power my house?

On your monthly electric bill, look for your kWh Usage to determine how much energy you are currently using. Keep in mind that this number fluctuates throughout the year. To offset (or replace) 100% of your energy with a renewable energy system, your kWh Usage is the goal number by which we figure out which products are best suited for your situation.

How much noise do Wind Turbines make?

Each manufacturer has third party Noise Certification. Most of the wind products manufactured today meet the decibel requirements for most city ordinances and most times are barely audible beyond the everyday background noises (i.e. traffic or even wind blowing around buildings or trees). Most people are concerned about noise or vibration levels after hearing stories about larger Utility-Scale Wind Turbines... however, our products are considered Small Wind systems and therefore do not generate alot of noise or vibration.

Do I need insurance for my Renewable Energy project?

Yes. You will want to contact your Insurance Agent and add the total installed cost of the system to your property policy. We can assist you in getting the appropriate product information needed to your agent.

Payback on Renewables?

Payback is an elusive number because it's usually based on the net cost divided by today's energy rates.

  • FACT: The utility rates WILL increase & every time they do, the payback is significantly shortened.
  • FACT: Most people don't weigh the future benefits of a renewable energy product once it is paid for.
Where does South Dakota rank for Wind Energy in the US?
South Dakota Wind Power Potential
  • South Dakota ranks #4 in National Wind Power Potential
  • South Dakota ranks only #18 for existing (already installed) Wind Capacity
  • 1 megawatt (1MW) of Wind Capacity is enough to supply 240-300 homes
  • Over $550 million has already been invested in Wind Energy in SD, primarily Large Wind Farms
  • More than 1,000 people are currently employed in the Wind Power Industry in SD
  • South Dakota alone has the potential to produce more than 1 trillion kWh of Electricity each year... enough to power almost 1/4 of the entire United States annually!! Let's harness that power!!
US Annual Average Wind Power Potential
  • The United States is the world leader in Wind Power installations; Other countries ready to surpass us
  • US Wind Industry broke all previous records by installing 10,000MW of electricity in 2009
  • Wind Power is tied with Natural Gas as the leading source of new electricity generation; Both account for 80% of new electricity generated in the just US.
  • US Wind Capacity currently generates enough electricity to power 7 million homes!
  • US winds can generate more electricity in 15 years than all of Saudi Arabia's oil- wow!
  • Achieving 20% Wind-Powered Eectricity by 2030 is the equivalent of removing 140 million cars from the road.

What is Green Energy?
By definition, Green Energy (Renewable Energy) is any naturally occurring source of energy, such as solar, wind, tidal, wave, biomass and hydroelectric power - basically, anything that is not derived from fossil or nuclear fuel. In essence, it is non-polluting, abundant and never-ending.
The 'Green' portion comes from the fact that this form of producing energy, is environmentally-friendly, preserving our Earth's flora for future generations. Green Energy means we are 'harnessing' natural power instead of 'harvesting' our precious resources, which will eventually deplete entirely.
How do I GO GREEN today? (Small Steps...)

There are thousands of little steps you can take each day to reduce your carbon footprint...here are just a few extra tips you can practice daily to help develop a green mindset.

  • Keep the garage door closed
  • Change or clean your furnace filter 1x a month
  • Lower thermostat while you're away
  • Plant a tree (or two!)
  • Turn off/unplug all unnecessary lighting/electronics
  • Use ceiling fans to circulate air throughout the home
  • Install a water-saving shower-head
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Take showers, not baths
  • Don't overload the fridge or freezer
  • Run the dishwasher only with full loads
  • Clean the lint screen on the dryer every time
  • Switch to compact flourescent light bulbs
  • Look for the Energy Star logo
How do I GO GREEN today? (Step 1)
Improve Energy Efficiency!
  • Conduct a Home Energy Audit
  • Install energy-efficient appliances
  • Insulation (walls, attic)
  • Windows
  • Lightbulbs
How do I GO GREEN today? (Step 2)

Incorporate Renewables!

  • Solar Light Tubes - Provides a natural lighting & cooling with reduced electricty
  • Solar Attic Vents/Fans - Reduces cooling expenses & extends life of the shingles
  • Solar Thermal Window Blinds - Generates heat in winter & insulates against heat in summer
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water - Converts sun to hot water for daily use & works with existing water heater
  • Solar PV - Covers sun into electricty grid-tie system, programmable, minimal maintenance
  • Battery Bank - Perfect for any circumstance whether you want to run lighting, critical loads or entire home
  • Small Wind Turbine - Works well in appropriate locations; horizontal or vertical-axis